Bio: poet, musician, translator of Tibetan liturgical and philosophical texts, French and Afrikaans poetry and Old French texts on alchemy.

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6 Responses to About

  1. Thanks for visiting Course of Mirrors.
    I can’t find any posts here. When I go to Archives 2012 I only get a welcome page.

  2. 3beeches says:

    true – i’ve hardly used it… perhaps i should put up a ‘poem’ or two? 🙂

  3. 3beeches says:

    this here
    is the thirty-seventh anniversary
    of our marriage

    soon i’ll be seventy
    and when i’m seventy-two
    we’re going to India, no?

    and yet

    where is it
    all this time?

    mostly gone
    some not yet here

    even the moments
    slip by in nano- and femtoseconds

    there is no now
    as such.
    how could there ever be a then
    and not yet now?

    a gentle breeze plays with the harvest moon
    in the dome of the infinite palace

    we watch a while
    then step back inside

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